BCJBohlin Cywinski Jackson (architectural firm)
BCJBach Collegium Japan
BCJBanque Cantonale du Jura (French: Jura Cantonal Bank; Switzerland)
BCJBureau de Consultation Jeunesse (French: Office of Youth Consultation; Canada)
BCJBrennan Center for Justice (New York University)
BCJBachelor of Communication and Journalism
BCJBasket Club Jeunesse (French: Youth Basketball Club; Ressaix, Belgium)
BCJBasket Club Jouannais (French basketball club)
BCJBureau de Coordination des Jeunes (French: Office for Coordination of Youth; est. 2001)
BCJBuilding Center of Japan (est. 1965)
BCJBritish Columbia Judgements (Canada)
BCJBachelor of Criminal Justice (academic degree)
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The growth is largely due to the relatively high penetration of CATV in Jamaica together with significant investment by Flow and a number of new licence applications and licence extension applications offered by the BCJ.
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BCJ took particular delight in designing rustic plywood furniture that simply slots together without the use of adhesives; a small contribution, perhaps, in the overall scheme of things, yet characteristic of the project's prevailing spirit of thoughtful, Scandinavian decency.
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