BCKABritish Columbia Kitefliers Association (Canada)
BCKABranched-Chain Keto-Acid
BCKABritish Chinese Kickboxing Association (UK)
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5] Nonstandard abbreviations: BCKA, branched-chain keto-acid; KIC, [alpha]-ketoisocaproate; KIV, [alpha]-ketoisovalerate; KMV, [alpha]-keto-p-methylvalerate; PYR, pyruvate; KV, ketovalerate; OPD, o-phenylenediamine; and IS, internal standard.
The first purpose of this study was to develop, for clinical use, a reliable HPLC technique with fluorometric detection based on quinoxalinol derivatives for the determination in serum of BCKAs and pyruvate, using o-phenylenediamine (OPD) as a fluorogenic agent.
The quinoxalinol derivatives of BCKAs were detected by monitoring the fluorescence emission at 410 run (with excitation at 350 nm).