BCKSBattle Command Knowledge System (US Army)
BCKSBlack Country Knowledge Society (UK)
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BCKS was established with operational Global War on Terrorism funds under the Combined Arms Center and was charged with preparing the Army for the next patrol rather than the next war.
Across the organizations that BCKS assessed, these emerged as the most prevalent knowledge gaps:
BCKS is being developed to provide assistance to prospective Communities of Practice (CoPs), or groups of soldiers with similar responsibilities who meet together online to assist and learn from one another.
To provide facilitated discussion forums we only had to look to BCKS (Battle Command Knowledge System) for a mature and stable platform.
Major Chris Barra discusses how a Reserve unit supports the BCKS initiative.
BCKS will allow us to tap into everyone simultaneously and to provide the ultimate reachback capability.
The senior Army leadership saw the value of the junior leaders' initiative and provided top-down support by designating resources for the BCKS network of community facilitators.
Ian Everall of the BCKS programme said' Supporting Black Country businesses to grow the skills they need to survive and succeed in the emerging knowledge economy is one of the key building blocks of the BCKS programme.
net was also supported and adopted by BCKS, and by September 2004 there were nearly 20,000 members.
Nigel Summers, chairman of the BCKS steering group, said: 'Too often in the past solutions to a community's perceived economic and social needs have been conceived by outsiders and then imposed from above.
MI Net along with BCKS has teamed with USAIC's Intelligence Center Online Network (ICON) to form the Intelligence Knowledge Network (IKN) a blended solution of available resources and knowledge.
The goal of ICON is to supplement and complement the information found in other communities such as AKO/DKO and BCKS.