BCLADBilingual Crosscultural Language in Academic Development
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SB 2042 did not include guidelines for the development of BCLAD programs.
Although there are no BCLAD guidelines to date under SB 2042, the Education Code of the State of California guarantees the existence of bilingual credential programs.
Two core elements of the BCLAD are teaching methods for literacy in two languages and a teaching practicum.
The bilingual program was declared eliminated, yet the BCLAD credential was to remain.
The SDSU COE BCLAD and CLAD programs are offered in separate departments with a close collaborative relationship.
After attending this conference my interest and motivation to continue with my Spanish studies and obtain a BCLAD was revived.
Three out of five of the PSTs under my supervision were placed at City Middle School to fulfill their CLAD certification practicum; thus, it made sense for these three PSTs to work with the fourteen MSS and fulfill their BCLAD certification practicum hours at the same site as well.
The current standards for BCLAD certificate teacher education programs require institutions to integrate competencies and assessments for bilingual teaching within existing multiple and single subject teaching credential programs.
In fact, in some teacher education programs it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the route for the preparation of BCLAD teachers and that for teachers with English Language Authorization (ELA) (formerly CLAD).
Specific CLAD/BCLAD requirements include possession of a valid California teaching certificate, satisfactory completion of six semester hours in coursework emphasizing the learning of a language other than English or 90 hours of language training offered by the California Department of Education's Bilingual Teacher Training Program, and passage of state examination for CLAD domains 1-3 and for BCLAD domains 1-6 (see Table 1).
Test 1 Test 2 Rest 3 Language Methodology Culture Structure of Bilingual, and Cultural and 1st and English Diversity 2nd Language Language (4 areas) Development Development, (2 areas) and Content Instruction (4 areas) CLAD X X X BCLAD X X X Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Methodology The Culture the Language for Primary of Emphasis * of Emphasis ** Language Instruction CLAD BCLAD X X X * Tests are for Armenian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Khmer, Korean, Latino, Punjabi, and Vietnamese.
Instead, these two bills have eliminated instructional resources needed for CLAD (cross-cultural language acquisition development) and BCLAD (bilingual cross-cultural language acquisition development) teachers to assist ELLs and leave the academic responsibilities to classroom teachers, school districts, and teacher preparation programs to find ways to design academic supportive services for socio-economically disadvantaged students.