BCLCBusiness Civic Leadership Center
BCLCBritish Columbia Lottery Corporation
BCLCBarcelona Clinic Liver Cancer
BCLCBreast Cancer Linkage Consortium
BCLCBethlehem Church Life Centre (UK)
BCLCBuffalo Criminal Law Center (State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law)
BCLCBig Cook Little Cook (UK children's TV show)
BCLCBeyond Consequences, Logic and Control (Heather T. Forbes book)
BCLCBuggy Club de la Côte (French: Buggy Club of the Coast; Switzerland)
BCLCBadminton Club Le Chesnay (Le Chesnay, France)
BCLCBrigade Centrale de Lutte Contre la Corruption (French: Central Brigade for Combating Corruption)
BCLCBandwidth-Constrained Least-Cost (routing protocol)
BCLCBituminous Concrete Lip Curb
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The Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) is a non-profit affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce.
The Corporate Stewardship Award recognizes businesses that integrate economic performance with a sustained contribution to community and social progress, according to the BCLC, an affiliate of the U.S.
As part of the certification process, BCLC signed an agreement with FEMA to install a 50kW emergency generator financed by FEMA loans and some out-of-pocket cash.
Regarding the BCLC stage, 67 (61.5%) patients were classified as very early or early stage (BCLC-0 or -A), for which curative treatments such as hepatic resection and RFA are recommended, whereas 21 (19.3%) patients and 15 (13.8%) patients were classified as advanced stage (BCLC-C) and terminal stage (BCLC-D) respectively, for which molecular-targeted therapy or BSC is recommended.
However, the effect of TACE monotherapy for BCLC stage B patients is less than satisfactory with frequent progression of tumors.
ROC curve analysis was used to compare OS/RFS prediction of the prognostic nomograms with those of the American Joint Commission on Cancer (AJCC) seventh edition [14] and Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) [15].
The performance of the Shanghai Score was further compared with 11 HCC staging systems, including the Okuda et al .,[5] the Chinese University Prognostic Index,[26] the Eastern staging system,[27] BCLC,[6] CLIP,[7] JIS,[8] Chinese Staging,[28] American Joint Committee on Cancer-Tumor node metastasis (TNM),[29] United Network for Organ Sharing-TNM,[30] Japan-TNM,[31] and HKLC [9] system.
(102) Re Hawk Insurance Co Ltd [2001] 2 BCLC 480 (applied in Australia by Re Opes Prime Stockbroking Ltd [2009] FCA 813; (2009) 179 FCR 20).
To obtain insight into the genetic basis of HBV-related eHCC, exome sequencing was performed on paired tumour and peripheral blood DNA from 5 HCC patients (BCLC stage A, 1 tumour nodule, diameter [less than or equal to] 3 cm; Table 1).
Efficacy data showed a good antitumour activity, with a 17.6% RR, 76.4% DCR, and a median PFS of 6.5 months [87]; these results are remarkable when considering that the majority of patients were pretreated with sorafenib and had a Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) stage C and 43% had a Child-Pugh stage B.