BCLCBusiness Civic Leadership Center
BCLCBritish Columbia Lottery Corporation
BCLCBarcelona Clinic Liver Cancer
BCLCBreast Cancer Linkage Consortium
BCLCBethlehem Church Life Centre (UK)
BCLCBuffalo Criminal Law Center (State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law)
BCLCBig Cook Little Cook (UK children's TV show)
BCLCBeyond Consequences, Logic and Control (Heather T. Forbes book)
BCLCBuggy Club de la Côte (French: Buggy Club of the Coast; Switzerland)
BCLCBadminton Club Le Chesnay (Le Chesnay, France)
BCLCBrigade Centrale de Lutte Contre la Corruption (French: Central Brigade for Combating Corruption)
BCLCBandwidth-Constrained Least-Cost (routing protocol)
BCLCBituminous Concrete Lip Curb
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His BCLC staging was B for which he was on ursodeoxycholic acid tablet 300 mg BD, propranolol tablet 20 mg BD, Vitamin B complex tablet OD, rifaximin tablet 400 mg TID, and lactulose syrup at night for chronic liver disease and glimepiride tablet 2 mg BD for diabetes mellitus.
32] Recently, many Western and Eastern liver cancer centers advocated hepatectomy to treat HCC outside of the BCLC criteria, and retrospective analyses demonstrated that these expanded patients had acceptable prognoses.
102) Re Hawk Insurance Co Ltd [2001] 2 BCLC 480 (applied in Australia by Re Opes Prime Stockbroking Ltd [2009] FCA 813; (2009) 179 FCR 20).
The diagnosed incident cases of HCC are segmented by age (30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years, and 70-79 years, =80 years), sex, BCLC stage at diagnosis, and comorbidity with HBV or HCV.
Our results demonstrated that ddPCR can be used to determine the HBV copy number in clinical FFPE samples and suggested that the copy numbers of HBV DNA in liver tissue correlate with TNM and BCLC stages of HCC.
2 Abbreviations: BCLC, Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer; TACE, trans-arterial chemoembolization; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; AFP, alpha-fetoprotein Table 3.
Prema BCLC kriterijumima 8/51 (15,7%) bolesnika je u momentu postavljanja dijagnoze ispunjavalo kriterijume za stadijum A (velicina HCC do 3 cm ili su bila prisutna 3 cvora manja od 3 cm), 27/51 (52,3%) stadijumu B (multilokularni tumori velicine preko 3 cm), 10/51 (19,6%) ispunjavalo je kriterijume za stadijum C (invazije v.
The BCLC staging system is the method currently used to stage HCC and this system is the widely accepted as a treatment option.
4 In partnership with the community, BCLC provides the highest
See also Item Software (UK) v Fassihi, [2005] 2 BCLC 91 at 103 (CA).
We at BCLC believe that if companies could harness the power of networks, the positive impact, scale and reach of corporate responsibility, programs would be staggering.
98; Re Multi Guarantee Co Ltd [1987] BCLC 257; Re Branston & Gothard Ltd [1999] 1 All E.