BCLDBachelor of Community Learning and Development (UK)
BCLDB-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders
BCLDBoone County Library District (Missouri)
BCLDBoulder City Library District (Boulder City, NV)
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The managements held with herbicides present a bigger disease incidence on the majority of different pruning seasons done on the three harvests, 2005/2006 to 2007/2008, its AUDPC averagens were, respectively, 185; 302 and 298 (Table 2); and the smaller averages were verified on the OR system with a complete BCLD management, which reduced significantly the disease incidence, 56, 99 and 54, and the same trend were noted in the phenological development of the plant, always showing the best disease supressor in the different states of the plant's growth (Tables 2 and 5).
In the flowering stage (2005/2006), the incidence of bacterial disease under CFH management (346) was 29% bigger than BCLD (88), and this treatment differed significantly from all the managements held includind chemical fertilization, presenting a 271% difference in relation to the best CO system treatment, CFFH (327) (Tables 3 and 5).
On the other hand, the BC management, produced 161 fruits and, with dead coverage (BCD) or BCLD, these presented productivity of 194 and 216 [plant.