BCLRBBritish Columbia Labour Relations Board
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122) SORWUC officials asked the BCLRB to wait and allow the collective agreement to run its course, insisting that "the vote doesn't reflect the workers' feelings because 'they haven't had time to mend the wounds' left by the strike.
Despite SORWUC's objections, the BCLRB scheduled a decertification vote for July, at which time Bimini workers voted twelve to six in favour of decertification.
138) On 23 February 1978, SORWUC submitted an application for certification at Muckamuck to the BCLRB with 18 out of a possible 21 employee signatures.
142) While awaiting the BCLRB decisions, Muckamuck workers continued to press management to negotiate.
Frustrated by the slow response of the BCLRB and management's unwillingness to meet, at the end of May the union decided to set up an information picket outside the restaurant.
170) In June, the board rejected the application, with BCLRB vice-chairman Ron Bone stating that "the board's investigations did not show that the majority of the original bargaining unit no longer supported the strike.
It collects and analyzes information on each case in which the BCLRB found a complaint of an employer ULP during organizing to be partly or wholly meritorious.
The empirical analysis of termination and employer-speech ULP cases decided over a seventeen-year period by the BCLRB substantiates this claim.
The database includes all ULP complaints resulting in a decision published by the BCLRB and, therefore, does not include those that did not lead to a published decision.
48) Wayne Mullins, a special investigating officer at the BCLRB, has confirmed this observation in conversations with me.
In one such case the BCLRB found the employer had published misinformation about the union in newspaper advertisements, deliberately creating a distorted view of the union in the minds of employees and the general public (Re White Spot Ltd.