BCMABar Code Medication Administration
BCMABritish Columbia Medical Association
BCMABritish Complementary Medicine Association
BCMABirthplace of Country Music Alliance (Tennessee and Virginia)
BCMABlack Consciousness Movement of Azania
BCMABureau de Coordination du Machinisme Agricole (French: Office of Coordination of Agricultural Machinery)
BCMABillion Cubic Meters per Annum
BCMABoard-Certified Master Arborist (International Society of Arboriculture)
BCMABritish Country Music Association
BCMABig Creek Missile Agency (amateur rocketry group)
BCMABates College Museum of Art (Maine, USA)
BCMABroadband Circular Microstrip Antenna
BCMABritish Columbia Montessori Association (Canada)
BCMABlock Multiplexer Channel Adapter (IBM)
BCMABowling Club Monéteau Auxerre (French bowling club)
BCMABellamy Chisolm Management Agency (Fayetteville, NC)
BCMABucks County Motorcycle Association (Bristol, PA)
BCMABurnaby Coquitlam Motorsport Association (Canada)
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In addition to its impact on safety, BCMA also has a substantial impact on the work of nurses (Holden & Novak, 2013).
A study in the Journal of Nursing Administration in 2008 reported that the time nurses spent providing direct patient care increased after implementation of BCMA.
Successful implementation of EMARs and BCMA was evident through a consistent bar code scanning compliance rate exceeding 90% and has resulted in improved satisfaction survey results from nursing staff, patients, and patients' families.
We decided to charge ahead while we had the focus, the resources, and the support of the vendor," says Ackerman, who acknowledges startup difficulties--such as with the BCMA system--which some staff found difficult to work with, at least at first.
The BCMA concurs; it stated in its 2009 submission to Health Minister George Abbott that "Beyond the statements of their Association and College, there is no evidence that naturopaths have sufficient training to provide the proposed expanded scope of services in keeping with established safety and quality standards.
Like their federal counterparts, under the provincial act, all BC departments and agencies are required to submit an annual report of their compliance with the BCMA.
The employee orientation program is so effective in educating the new employees about policies/procedures, provided ample opportunities to learn the computer system --VistA, CPRS, BCMA.
The molecule used by Grey and colleagues to inhibit BAFF is known as BCMA, and is already being used in clinical trials for other autoimmune diseases, such as Sjogren's Syndrome and Lupus.
Demase Packaging Analysis and Consulting Sales--identifying in-house or outsourcing packaging models to meet BCMA initiatives, including the representation of MPI and its line of packaging machines.
The Critical Care Expo Educational Committee granted permission to conduct the study at the 2005 NTI, and the owner of BCMA granted permission to collect data from attendees at seminars conducted across the United States between April 18 and May 12, 2005.
The reaction of coal tar pitch with BCMA at a temperature of 150 [degrees]C releases hydrogen chloride and increases the viscosity of reaction mixtures.