BCMNVBean Common Mosaic Necrosis Potyvirus
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This BCMV strain is particularly important due to its pathogenicity gene P2 (2), which attacks the recessive gene bc 2 (2), widely used in common bean improvement projects to protect the dominant necrosis gene (I) from necrosis-inducing strains of BCMV and BCMNV.
Subsequently, the resulting F4-derived F5 breeding lines were also evaluated for BCMV and BCMNV.
Breeding line BRB 131 has the I and recessive bc-3 resistance alleles for BCMV and BCMNV.
5] breeding lines with the lowest scores for both bacterial blights were evaluated separately for common bacterial blight, BCMV, and BCMNV in the greenhouse at the University of Idaho, Kimberly, and for halo bacterial blight at the Seminis Vegetable Seeds Co.
Inoculation with BCMNV further indicated that Edmund and Montcalm had the I allele, and Wilkinson 2 and BRB 131 had a recessive resistance allele in addition to I.
Although no selection for BCMV or BCMNV was practiced from the [F.
Abbreviations: BCMV, Bean common mosaic virus; BCMNV, Bean common mosaic necrosis virus; Psp, Pseudomonas syringae pv.
Thus, in greenhouse tests, Almonga was resistant to BCMV (US-6 strain) and BCMNV (NL-3K strain) and was also resistant to races 1, 2, 5, 7, and 9 of P.
These two lines will be most useful for incorporating immune resistance to BCMV and BCMNV into the cranberry market class.
These three lines will be most useful for incorporating extreme resistance to BCMV and BCMNV into the light red, dark red, and white kidney bean market classes.
2] gene for resistance to BCMV and BCMNV (Mink et al.