BCMOEBritish Columbia Ministry of Environment (British Columbia, Canada)
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BCMOE, 2016: British Columbia drought response plan.
Recent articulations of Indigenous (1) Education (2, 3) within Canadian scholarly literature (Aikenhead and Michell, 2011; Battiste, 1998; Hare, 2011; Kanu, 2011), education policy, (ACDE, 2010; ON-MoE, 2007b) and curricular documents (e.g., BCMoE, 2005, 2008; ON-MoE, 2007a) call for inclusion of Indigenous community members in schools while non-Indigenous (4) teachers continue to represent the vast majority of teachers in Canada (Kanu, 2005).
As of August 2005, only 57 occupied breeding sites were known in British Columbia (BCMOE 2005; Southern Interior Reptile and Amphibian Recovery Team 2008).