BCMPBRAIN (Broadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks) Candidate Mobility Management Protocol
BCMPBusiness Continuity Management Plan
BCMPBritish Columbia Provincial Museum (Canada)
BCMPBritish Columbia Marijuana Party (Canada)
BCMPBob Couchenour Music Productions
BCMPBaskett-Chandy-Muntz-Palacios (network)
BCMPBay County Milk Producers (Michigan)
BCMPBachelor of Clinical Medical Practice
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The BCMP mentioned a third and undetermined species of anole (Anolis sp INE, 2000), which we never captured or observed during our visits to Banco Chinchorro BR.
This species was not listed in the BCMP but another species of Aspidoscelis was listed with the former genus name Cnemidophorus.
Hatem's [9] definition of professionalism (Box 1) adopted as a working definition for the BCMP programme was the stimulus that guided the 25 final year BCMP students' reflections.
In total, 71 portfolios reflecting the experiences of BCMP students in individual departments in facilities designated as District Education Campuses were analysed as follows: 100% (n = 25) in Emergency Medicine (EM), 92% (n = 23) each for adult in-patient wards (AIPW) and Paediatrics (Paeds).
The BCMP students reported on all the attributes of professionalism described as the core values by the HPCSA (Table 1).
Many of the BCMP students' experiences of respect shown to patients were in the Paeds department, similar to a study commissioned by a university in the USA.
The BCMP students reflected on the same issues reported by Bernard [11] when they considered the limits of their practice, the need for ongoing learning and being the best you can be for your patients.
In this study BCMP students observed patients being hurt by a HCP as one of the students made reference to instances where a HCP refused to attend to a homeless person.
BCMP students engaged with the complexity of the consent process and subsequent challenges in obtaining informed consent.
BCMP students observed that for many of the adolescents, poor communication between HCPs and the patients was contrary to the best interests of the patients.
BCMP students reflected on instances where the family demanded to know intimate details about their relative, thereby creating a dilemma for the HCP who could not disclose information without violating the rights of the admitted adult patient.
BCMP students reflected on the value of demonstrating compassion and care in the clinical setting as an attribute mainly observed in Paeds similar to findings reported in two studies conducted in the USA.