BCMTBlock Change Management Team
BCMTBoulder College of Massage Therapy (est. 1975; Boulder, CO)
BCMTBoard Certified Medical Thermographer
BCMTB.C. Cheshire Motorcycle Training (UK)
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Boulder has developed an internationally renowned reputation for training and certifying massage therapists, and Naropa's planned launch of a new school to replace BCMT ensures that Boulder will remain at the center for years to come," said Charles G.
The new link-up reflected not only the emergence of a common foe -- booking offices running fifteen-cent cabs -- but also of a change in BCMT strategy.
The following April 30th, city council lowered the minimum rate to 45 cents for the first mile, the fare that had been requested by the Vancouver Taxicab Owners' Association and unenthusiastically endorsed by BCMT.
BCMT belonged to the latter, comprised (according to Bosley) of "the larger operators in the city of Vancouver.
More than 4000 graduates in fifty states and 26 different countries turned to BCMT to help them achieve their career goals.
Members of the VAB will interface directly with a dedicated BCMT professional to relay opportunities in a bi-directional fashion.
Working closely with the on-campus Office of Technology Licensing, BCMT is an integral part of the evaluation process for determining the potential of new technologies as the basis for a new business enterprise.