BCNCBoston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (Massachusetts)
BCNCBouvier des Flandres Club of Northern California (dog club)
BCNCBreast Care Nurses Conference (oncology)
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Evidence has suggested an association between SNHL and narrowed inner ear structures, such as BCNC [7, 8].
By broadening this viewpoint so that it did not focus solely on BCNC, which is the narrowest point of the nerve course, we hypothesized that the compression of certain inner ear structures, such as IAC or PAI, may produce symptoms of tinnitus regardless of the presence of hearing loss.
[9] found that the BCNC diameter was significantly smaller in ears with SNHL than in normal ears.
According to this study's data, the mean BCNC diameter was significantly smaller in patients with tinnitus than in patients without tinnitus.
The positive relationship between patients with tinnitus and narrow BCNCs may also be an example of this phenomenon [15].