BCNDBoot Camp for New Dads (Irvine, CA)
BCNDBoard Certified Naturopathic Doctor
BCNDBeacon Redevelopment Industrial Corporation (stock symbol)
BCNDBad Cop No Donut
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Thus, the basic idea is similar to normalization of relational data, when the second normal form (2NF), the third normal form (3NF), or the Boyce-Codd normal form (BCND) are to be achieved.
Tidel Engineering, LP., Carrollton, Texas, unveiled its latest cash dispenser, the Tidel Sentinel Bulk Coin Dispenser with Note Dispenser (BCND) Cash Management System.
* Group education sessions of peer support such as the Boot Camp for New Dads (BCND) program (Bishop, Wallace, & Ault, 2008; Capuozzo, Sheppard, & Uba, 2010) which focuses on prenatal care through birth to active paternal involvement, from the prenatal period to birth.