BCNIBusiness Council on National Issues (Canada)
BCNIBlind Centre for Northern Ireland (UK)
BCNIBehavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute (University of Cambridge, UK)
BCNIBuff-Collared Nightjar (Caprimulgus ridgwayi)
BCNIButterfly Conservation Northern Ireland (UK)
BCNIBibliotheca Catholica Neerlandica Impressa (Netherlands)
BCNIBytecode Native Interface
BCNIBlended Church Network International
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The BCNI chief also showed his understanding of the expected opposition to an FTA by Japanese farmers, given that farm produce accounts for 60% of Canadian exports to Japan.
The study, by Michael Porter of Harvard University and the Monitor (consulting) Company, was co-sponsored by the Canadian government and the BCNI.
During the spring of 2000, BCNI held a CEO summit as part of its `Canada Global Leadership Initiative.
a BCNI paper presented at the summit acknowledged that Canada's performance in recent years was solid measured in terms of real growth in GDP, employment growth, low levels of inflation, improvement in fiscal position, foreign trade and direct investment performance, cost advantages as a place to invest, highly educated working age population, social infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and global competitiveness.
MM: To what extent is the BCNI and the corporate offensive an outgrowth of domestic business leaders' initiative, and to what extent is it really a project of U.
The person who founded the BCNI, Thomas D'Aquino, is a Canadian who believes in this stuff as fervently as anybody you would find at the Heritage Foundation or elsewhere in the United States.
It is unlikely, however, that corporations would reduce their donations to think tanks, and it is almost certain that the big corporations would still think BCNI worth its cost.
What makes the story really disturbing is the revelation that "The document and an accompanying slide show were part of a presentation that BCNI made to the provincial and federal governments during the winter.
In her 1991 book, The Quick and the Dead--Brian Mulroney, Big Business and the Seducation of Canada, journalist Linda McQuaig provides an insightful perspective on the BCNI and its strategy:
And where has Francis been in the last three years while the BCNI has been dictating the contents of the Tory government's economic agenda?
We agree with the chairman of the BCNI that there must be sacrifices for the national good," explained CLC vice-president Sinclair Stevens.
Since the BCNI was the prime mover of the FTA, we compared total employment of the top 200 Financial Post Corporations in 1990 with 1989.