BCOABituminous Coal Operators' Association (Washington, DC)
BCOABasenji Club of America (dog breed)
BCOABorzoi Club of America Inc. (Ohio)
BCOABeverly Council on Aging (Massachusetts)
BCOABerks County Office of Aging (est. 1974; Pennsylvania)
BCOABurnham Company of Archers (UK)
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Oliver Heyliger of Willis are key contacts to the steering committee that has been laying the framework for the BCOA in recent months.
Our elected officials in Washington talk a good game about sticking up for hard-working, responsible adults," BCOA president Bill Schreiber said.
In the contract's fourth year, Pittston miners will get whatever wage increase is negotiated in the new BCOA agreement.
At the expiration of the pact, each Alliance-member company could negotiate a new contract or adopt the terms of any newly negotiated BCOA contract.
Disputed issues abound, but the heart of the disagreement is that Pittston pulled out of the Bituminous Coal Operators Association (BCOA) and has said that it wants a separate contract with the union, largely because most BCOA firms rely on domestic sales and Pittston is the biggest U.
Murray, the Chief Executive Officer of Murray American and Chairman of BCOA, said We are pleased that the BCOA and UMWA have reached this very important tentative agreement, which will go a long way in ensuring that Murray Americans UMWA-represented employees are able to continue working, even in this very depressed coal marketplace.
The BCOA negotiated for about 44 coal mining companies.
Considered an unsuccessful strike against the BCOA, it further weakened the image of the UMWA.
and head of the BCOA, described the agreement as "fair and modest," and noted that it gives the industry an 80-month period (from the 1981 settlement to the January 31, 1988, termination date of a new contract) without a national strike.
The UMWA signed a three-year contract with the BCOA on December 5, 1974.
As the decade begins, the coal industry is still recovering from the 111-day strike in 1978 when the UMWA and BCOA last negotiated terms of their agreement.
The BCOA and UMWA eventually settle on December 13, 1993.