BCORBoot Camp of the Rockies (Denver, CO)
BCORBack Central Optic Radii (ophthalmology)
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More recently, a new subtype of Ewing-like sarcomas has been defined by the fusion of the BCOR (BCL6 corepressor) and CCNB3 genes, which are nonadjacent genes on the X chromosome.
1) The phenotype features of OFCD and Lenz microphthalmia syndrome overlap in many points, and these 2 syndromes are likely to result from defects in alternative functions of BCOR.
Novel mutations in BCOR in three patients with oculo-facio-cardio-dental syndrome, but none in Lenz microphthalmia syndrome.
Pivotal moment: When the economy turned downward, BCOR was breed to shift to a cash basis: "It was do or die time.
Technological edge: BCOR is strictly an Internet-based business and has built a platform for both customers and small businesses to find each other.
BCOR as a novel fusion partner of retinoic acid receptor alpha in a t(X; 17)(p11; q12) variant of acute promyelocytic leukemia.
56,67,95) Although many of the same mutations are found in MDS and de novo AML, mutations in TP53, NF1, U2AF1, SF3B1, EZH2, and BCOR appear more common in MDS, while mutations in FLT3, NPM1, DNMT3A, IDH1, and IDH2 are more common in AML.
Operatives from the Bureau's Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service and Enforcement and Security Service port conducted the buy-bust operation recently that led to the arrest of Llana Cabangbang, 19, Greenpoint Homes Mambog 4 Bacoor, Cavite who was caught selling fake BCORs at the waiting shed outside the Paircargo warehouse, the BOC media statement said.
The media statement said Cabangbang was found to be carrying falsified BCORs with OR no.