BCOTBasingstoke College of Technology (UK)
BCOTBiodiesel Coalition of Texas
BCOTBonny Crude Oil Terminal (Bonny Island, Nigeria)
BCOTBilateral Benign Cystic Ovarian Teratomas
BCOTBasic Communications-Computer Systems Officer Training
BCOTBasic Contingency Operations Training
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Contract notice: cutting of bcot (tricastin hot operating base) used clusters of guides and supply of caissons and inserts for conduction
Benefit 1: cut out the used 900mwe and 1300mwe bundle guides (from 305 to 320) stored at the tricastin technical operational hot base (bcot).
Contract notice: Dismantling of obsolete tools from bcot.
Inventory, Dismantling, Sorting and conditioning of contaminated obsolete tools located on the bcot. These services will be carried out in 2 to 3 casemates of the bcot in parallel.
Contract notice: Tubes characterization cluster guides stored EDF (BCOT).
It will then transport the containers to a basic nuclear installation, BCOT being approached.
A cooperation agreement has been inked between BCoT Principal Anthony Bravo and two visiting Chinese Principals under which a partnership and collaboration will be launched between the three colleges.