BCPIBest Copy and Printing, Inc. (est. 1989; Bethesda, MD)
BCPIBreast Cancer Prevention Institute (Somerville, NJ)
BCPIBoard Certified Professional Investigator (United States Association of Professional Intestigators)
BCPIBoston Computers Peripherals Inc.
BCPIBasket Club des Portes de l'Isère (French basketball club)
BCPIBrisbane City Periodontics & Implants (Australia)
BCPIBeef Cattle Prices Index (agriculture)
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Several cases of BCPI infarctions have been reported previously associated with locked-in syndrome.
reported a study of 14 cases of BCPI, where 12 (85.7%) patients had vertebrobasilar artery severe stenosis or occlusion.
It was different from previous reports in which BCPI were associated with locked-in syndrome and disturbance of consciousness.
Studies with other inhibitors, crammer and BCPI, were also performed.
Recombinant BCPI [4], recombinant CTLA-2[alpha] [11], and recombinant crammer [7] were purified according to the methods described previously.
For inhibition studies of crammer and BCPI, Bombyx cysteine protease (BCP) was employed.
The recombinant inhibitor proteins used in this experiment, CTLA-2[alpha], crammer, and BCPI, can be seen in Figure 2(a), as homogeneous forms in the Tricine/SDS-PAGE gel [27].
Similar to BCPI, the inhibition of CTLA-2[alpha] was not dependent on pH, in a range between pH 4.0 and pH 6.0 [4].
Alanine Scanning of Crammer and BCPI. The Drosophila CTLA-2-like protein, crammer, has a cysteine residue (C72) at the homologous region to CTLA-2[alpha], whereas Bombyx BCPI does not (Figure 1).
BCPI = ([[pi].sup.CPI.sub.t-1]+ [[pi].sup.CPI.sub.t-2]+ [[pi].sup.CPI.sub.t-3]+ [[pi].sup.CPI.sub.t-4])/4
We at BCPI believe that this video will reach young women with a powerful and sobering message: Your choices have consequences.
The ABC link video runs 26 minutes and is now available from the BCPI web site at: www.bcpinstitute.org or toll-free phone number: 1-866-622-6237 (1-86-NO CANCER).