BCPRBureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery
BCPRBioastronautics Critical Path Roadmap (NASA)
BCPRBoston Committee for Palestinian Rights
BCPRBoston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
BCPRBernalillo County Parks and Recreation (Albuquerque, NM)
BCPRBureau for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (UNDP)
BCPRBlack Powder Cartridge Rifle
BCPRButler County Public Radio (Pennsylvania)
BCPRBoard Certified in Public Relations (AAPRMA)
BCPRBucks County Parks and Recreation (Pennsylvania)
BCPRBaltimore City Passenger Railway (Maryland)
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The fact that the BCPR rate in pediatric OHCA has climbed to 49% speaks well for public health efforts to improve education and awareness.
The results indicate a positive correlation between the BCPR and the digit span (Table 3), which supports the findings described by Santos and Bueno (2003), demonstrating that the two tests can be used to obtain reliable results with regard to the evaluation of the phonological working memory of children between five and seven years of age.
Results: Veteran children presented higher scores in BCPR (Brazilian Children's Test of Pseudoword Repetition) and in specific tasks of AWMA (Automated Working Memory Assessment).
Por outro lado, nas tarefas que avaliam alca fonologica--teste BCPR e Span de Digitos--os grupos foram similares.
Tambien en esta region se ubican los genes supresores de tumor BCPR (17p13.
Neanmoins, la Direction du patrimoine reprenait les principes d'unite formules par le BCPR en 1970.
We believe that the approach we experienced with BCPR will be seen as an industry benchmark for future patient enrollment projects.
BCPR can track, analyze, and report on news from over 51,000 sources; send press releases to journalist and broadcast outlets across the web, monitor social media, measure trends, identify & engage influencers.
Partners: UNDP, Government of Japan, BCPR, Ministry of Interior
Switzerland supports BCPR s mandate to support UNDP country programmes to respond to crises, prevent conflict and reduce disaster risk in over 100 countries.
BCPR, BRSP and Regional Centres/SURFs as main corporate partners, the Global Programme housed in BDP will provide UNDP Country Offices with appropriate practical tools, good practices, and guidance on a human rights-based approach to programming.
Develop knowledge products that are seen as useful for country offices, in cooperation with DG advisers and other parts of UNDP like BCPR .