BCPSSBaltimore City Public School System
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Only 49 percent of BCPSS ninth-graders passed the Maryland Functional Math Test in 1998, compared to 55 percent in 1999.
The BCPSS school calendar and other circulars are also offered as links.
The school-university partnership has been successful in large part because of the training Coppin faculty provide teachers, says David Stone, director of charter, new and community schools at BCPSS.
The City of Baltimore's Department of Public Works Energy Conservation Office was instrumental in assisting BCPSS with development of the energy conservation contract.
This randomized field trial across eight BCPSS schools yielded a study with strong internal validity that also provided good external validity for assessing whether Fast ForWord programs can be expected to help academically at-risk students from urban locale learn literacy skills that are commonly measured in school accountability programs across the nation.
Katz's firm provided the framework for the performance-based approach now used system-wide within the BCPSS.
BCPSS is not alone in struggling to improve the performance of its special education students.
The 3Com grant will also allow BCPSS to bolster the computer skills of regional teachers and deliver computer literacy courses and training to the community.
Nine appendices are included: (1) BCPSS CTE Program Profiles; (2) Trends in Enrollment by Program FY 2000-FY 2003; (3) Trends in Completers by Program, FY 2001-FY 2003; (4) Pre-Graduation Survey Results for the Classes of 1999-2002; (5) Requests and Allocations for Equipment, Materials and Supplies for BCPSS CTE Programs, FY 2003; (6) BCPSS CTE Enrollment by School FY 2003; (7) Length of CTE Teacher Service; (8) Programs by School and Quadrant FY 2003; and (9) Businesses Represented on BCPSS CTE Advisory Boards in FY 2003.
This report traces these flaws to BCPSS practices that violate or undermine federal and state laws intended to enable students with learning difficulties to succeed academically.
In the Maryland School Assessments for this year (2003-2004) in reading, the percentages of BCPSS special education students who achieved a "proficient" or higher score were: grade 3, 28.