BCQBusiness Communication Quarterly (journal)
BCQBike Culture Quarterly (UK; bicycling magazine)
BCQBible College of Queensland (Australia)
BCQBuilding Codes Queensland (Department of Infrastructure and Planning; Queensland, Autstralia)
BCQBlue Chamber Quartet (Germany)
BCQBoat Crew Qualification
BCQBritish Cycle Quest (UK)
BCQBreast Central Quadrantectomy (medical procedure)
BCQBureau du Contrôle de Qualité (French: Bureau of Quality Control; Luxembourg)
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Foi realizada analise descritiva dos dados (media, desvio-padrao, valor minimo e maximo) dos escores obtidos dos instrumentos MBCQ, BCQ, BSQ e EAT-26, e tambem da idade e IMC dos participantes.
Number of students favouring short essay questions (SEQ's), multiple choice questions (MCQs), single best choice (BCQs) and descriptive questions was 209(38.8%), 176(32.7%), 70 (13%) and 28 (5%) respectively (Figure-2).
[(aq, bq, cq, aq/bc).sub.[infinity]]/[(q, aq/b, aq/c, bcq).sub.[infinity]][[infinity].summation over (m=0)][[alpha].sub.m] - [[infinity].summation over (k=0)][(1 - a[q.sup.2k + 2]) [(a, b, c, a/bc).sub.k + 1] [q.sup.k + 1]]/[(1 - a) [(q, aq/b, aq/c, bcq).sub.k + 1]][k.summation over (m=0)][[alpha].sub.m] = [[infinity].summation over (m=0)][(aq, bq, cq, aq/bc).sub.m]/[(q, aq/b, aq/c, bcq).sub.m][[alpha].sub.m].
The interview protocol was constructed specifically for this study and was intended to complement and expand on data previously gathered from the BCQ. Fowler's (1981) "Faith Development Interview Guide" was also used to help develop the protocol.
Findings from the BCQ can tell us how many people from what groups encountered which barriers and to what degree.
Christine Uber Grosse, caught in the awkward situation of having lost the editor's and reviewers' responses to a manuscript she had submitted to BCQ, finally emailed Andrews a personal note requesting another copy of the response--but not before agonizing over what Andrews's reaction might be: "We didn't have a personal relationship," Grosse explained, and she worried, "What would Debby think of me?" Would such a query "affect her opinion of me and my work?" Andrews gladly resent the materials, and Grosse's piece was ultimately published.
BCQ's new country director, Frank Fitzpatrick, opened the event and welcomed attendees.
Os instrumentos mais utilizados foram: Eating Disorders Inventory (EDI), Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26), Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ), Body Checking Questionnaire (BCQ) e Body Checking Cognitions Scale (BCCS).
The effort resulted in better grades and understanding of students as shown by statistically significant performance of group B students in BCQ (p less than 0.01).
In their indexes for 2000, for example, The JBC and BCQ each list two articles under the category of ethics.