BCQBusiness Communication Quarterly (journal)
BCQBike Culture Quarterly (UK; bicycling magazine)
BCQBible College of Queensland (Australia)
BCQBuilding Codes Queensland (Department of Infrastructure and Planning; Queensland, Autstralia)
BCQBlue Chamber Quartet (Germany)
BCQBoat Crew Qualification
BCQBritish Cycle Quest (UK)
BCQBreast Central Quadrantectomy (medical procedure)
BCQBureau du Contrôle de Qualité (French: Bureau of Quality Control; Luxembourg)
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To help facilitate a transition of ownership and management, Kinross expects to assume the existing BCQ and Cacu operations and maintenance contract.
Body checking on BCQ decreased significantly for total score (M= -16.
Substituting equations (11), (15) and (21) into equation (12), one obtains the precise error rate for the circularly DAS based on the BCQ selection as:
BCQ created the IELTS Stakeholder event to provide guidance support and share a customised array of development resources with participants.
The MBCQ was developed as an alternative to BCQ to enable the evaluation of body-checking behaviors in men.
Em seguida, os participantes responderam individualmente aos instrumentos propostos na seguinte ordem: MBCQ, BCQ, BSQ e EAT-26.
The interview protocol was constructed specifically for this study and was intended to complement and expand on data previously gathered from the BCQ.
The AMR (approximately 5% acceptance rate), the BCQ (approximately 10-15% acceptance rate), and the JBL (approximately 25% acceptance rate) are friendlier to single authors than multiple authors.
Further, the quantitative BCQ generated as part of the research described here (Seid et al.
Christine Uber Grosse, caught in the awkward situation of having lost the editor's and reviewers' responses to a manuscript she had submitted to BCQ, finally emailed Andrews a personal note requesting another copy of the response--but not before agonizing over what Andrews's reaction might be: "We didn't have a personal relationship," Grosse explained, and she worried, "What would Debby think of me?
A small study of citations in three volumes of BCQ [Business Communication Quarterly] demonstrates the phenomenon of 'URL rot,' the disappearance of sites cited in sample articles.