BCRBBritish Columbia Review Board (British Columbia, Canada)
BCRBBeijing Cultural Relics Bureau (China)
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The diagonal elements of BCRB matrix satisfy [mathematical expression not reproducible].
At each iteration, either one transmitter or receiver [mathematical expression not reproducible] from the remaining antennas {[S.sub.tx], [S.sub.rx]} is added to the active subset such that the trace of BCRB matrix is closer to the given MSE, until the location MSE is met [G.sub.k]([f.sup.q.sub.tx], [F.sup.q.sub.rx]) < [MSE.sup.q], or tracking antennas use up [S.sub.tx] + [S.sub.rx] [less than or equal to] (M + N)(1 - [eta]).
In this paper, the lowest SNR is about 25 dB where the target location estimation MSE is tightly close to the BCRB. Allowed antenna utilization for targets tracking is [eta] = 0.75, which means there are mostly 12 antennas utilized at one measurement.