BCRIBirmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Alabama)
BCRIBusiness Compliance Response Initiative
BCRIBoole Centre for Research in Informatics (Ireland)
BCRIBeirut Center for Research and Information (Lebanon)
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Regardless of status or previous training, on entering the organization all staff members participate in a required 40-hour in-service orientation to the BCRI model.
The first point of contact with BCRI and the heart of the service-delivery model is the 24-hour hotline (Figure 1).
For crisis, residential unit admissions, BCRI provides crisis intervention, supportive counseling, suicide prevention, mental health and substance abuse counseling based on a psychosocial assessment and the development of a treatment plan.
The majority of the BCRI treatment interventions are short-term, comprehensive, individualized, and dynamic.
The flexibility in the design and implementation of the BCRI program allows it to serve the multifaceted needs of the community.
Michael Gibson, Founder and Senior Consultant at BCRI.
Jonathan Goldman MD FACC, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at ICON Clinical Research, commented, "The relationship between BCRI and ICON further enhances our scientific expertise and access to investigators.
Experts participating in the call will be prominent Civil Rights Activist and BCRI Lifetime Board Member, Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth; Dr.
This project will be under the technical guidance of Campbell Perry, Senior Engineer of the Clean Transportation Group of the Advanced Systems Engineering Section at BCRI.
This engine will run exceptionally clean and lead to the first propane fueled truck to deliver ultra low emissions," says Nigel Fitzpatrick, Director of Advanced Systems Engineering at BCRI.
As the need for cleaner options to environmental problems intensifies, this pilot project will lead to further development by BCRI and Mogas.