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BCRPBanco Central de Reserva del Perú
BCRPBreast Cancer Resistance Protein
BCRPBreast Cancer Research Program
BCRPBusiness Crime Reduction Partnership (UK)
BCRPBoreal Caribou Research Program (Canada; est. 1996)
BCRPBreast Carcinoma Resistance Protein
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Multidrug resistance proteins: role of P-glycoprotein, MRP1, MRP2, and BCRP (ABCG2) in tissue defense.
Li S, Lei Y, Jia Y, Li N, Wink M, Ma Y (2011) Piperine, a piperidine alkaloid from Piper nigrum re-sensitizes P-gp, MRP1 and BCRP dependent multidrug resistant cancer cells.
Utilizando datos agregados de las tasas de interes bancarias activas y pasivas, Lahura (2006) muestra que este eslabon se crea a principios de los anos 2000, cuando el BCRP transita de un regimen basado en el control de un agregado monetario a otro basado en el control de la tasa de interes del mercado interbancario, donde los bancos comerciales tipicamente se prestan entre si fondos por un dia.
Acetaminophen, a widely used drug to combat pregnancy-connected toxicity [71], induced ROS production in human choriocarcinoma cells by reducing BCRP and GSH content and activating Nrf2-targeted genes: NAD(P)H dehydrogenase, quinone 1 (NQO1), and hemeoxygenase-1.
In this section, we will see how the BCRP determines its policy interest rates and what impact does this have on the banking system.
Por otro lado, hay que destacar la labor de la autoridad monetaria, BCRP, que a traves de politicas monetarias inteligentes ha logrado que la inflacion se mantenga en el rango deseado y no represente amenaza alguna para los actores economicos, que como se sabe, necesitan estabilidad y certidumbre para realizar sus transacciones economicas y financieras en los mercados globalizados.
Norma Thomas, BCRP co-ordinator, said: "The Safer Swansea Partnership wants people to enjoy themselves but it must be done responsibly.
Biopharmaceutics Classification System [BCS] Class 1), intestinal absorption is not likely to be limited by P-gp or BCRP; thus, an in vivo study with a P-gp or BCRP inhibitor is unnecessary.
Furthermore, monolayer models consisting of a double (and triple) transfect are now commercially available; for example, MDCK11 cells transfected with both OATP and BCRP.
This research was supported by RCMI Grant #G12RR03051 (to CPV), DoD/US Army BCRP W81XWH-07-1-0330 (to SD) and SNRP U54NS39408 and RCMI G12RR03035 to UCC.
54) This was the issue discussed in the context of the action initiated by the BCRP (the Central Bank of Peru) against Riggs National Bank of Washington, D.
Furthermore, CSCs are highly resistant to radio- and chemotherapy regimens (such as P-gp substrates paclitaxel and doxorubicin) and, like normal stem cells, they express high levels of the detoxifying enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), and multidrug transporters P-gp and BCRP [11-13].