BCRYBarrie Collingwood Railway
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Using Illumina high throughput sequencing technology, we get about 1 million 60 thousand high quality SNP markers and expression of 28,769 genes, which cover about 70% of the predicted genes in maize genome [4] Phenotype data 5 kinds of carotenoid component phenotype data of 482 materials in association mapping panel: [alpha]-carotene (AC), [beta]-carotene (BC), Lutein (LUT), Zeaxanthin (ZEA) and [beta]- Cryptoxanthin (Bcry) (a) Genes filtered as expressed in >50% lines.
Among other variables, TP, P[O.sub.4]-P, HC[O.sub.3], Secchi, total suspended solids (TSS), and biomass of cryptophytes (Bcry) were slightly negatively skewed, while specific conductivity (Cond) and number of species (Nsp) were slightly positively skewed.
VER VERSACE ACE S BRIGHT RIGHT BCRY RY C S Y TA TAL ABSOL O U, U, PS60 PS60 A deep floral fragrance with a sexy undertone that stands out just as much as its bling bottle.