BCS3Battle Command Sustainment and Support System
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Since the divestiture of BCS3, the Materiel Common Operating Picture has served as an interim solution for some BI/BW capabilities.
Using a scale anchored by 1 (not at all) and 5 (to a very large extent), respondents were asked to categorize their knowledge of the following systems: BCS3, GTN, GCCS, RFID, Deployed Asset Visibility System, ITV Network Server, other, none, and ITV in general.
While this is the first instance where SDDC is using BCS3 at its strategic deployment and distribution Common Operating Picture--COP--other Army and Marine units have used BCS3 in this capacity in the past while deployed to war as well as at home station," said Lt.
BCS3 represents a major step forward in acquisition innovation, combining spiral development, use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, and end-user feedback in its design.
This is a great tool for logistics in-transit visibility and asset visibility, an additional tool above-and-beyond the IT components currently in the field, such as BCS3," said Robbins.
BCS3 helps meet this requirement by providing a global view of in-transit visibility (ITV) systems and logistics activities.
We're looking at the Battle Command Sustainment Support System, or BCS3.
BCS3 -- Battle Command Sustainment and Support Systems
The 173rd used BCS3 to track logistics for this operation.
This includes the systems that are not traditionally in the S-6s purview such as BCS3, MC4, and DCGS-A.
His program allowed us to import data from the BCS3 TransLog Web and split the TMRs.