BCSBBaltimore County Savings Bank (Maryland)
BCSBBanking Code Standards Board
BCSBBrown County State Bank (Sterling, IL)
BCSBBroward County School Board (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
BCSBBerkeley Center for Structural Biology (Berkeley, CA)
BCSBBloomsbury Centre for Structural Biology (UK; est. 1998)
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These standards, together with the 3 reference materials from BCCL, 1 from BCSB, and 3 quality control materials from Bio-Rad, were randomly interspersed among the 24 patient serum samples.
Although BCSB experienced success as a federally chartered savings bank, we believe conversion to a Maryland-chartered commercial bank positions BCSB best to compete in our market and to further execute our business strategy,' said president and chief executive officer, Joseph J.
A spokesman for the BCSB says: "If we find out a bank has breached the code and the bank loses its appeal against this decision then they will be named and shamed by the board and must correct any breaches.
This is defined by the BCSB as a rate equal to that paid by the same provider on active accounts with similar features
All forward-looking statements are based on current expectations regarding important risk factors, including but not limited to real estate values, market conditions, the impact of interest rates on financing, local or national economic factors, legislative and regulatory changes that could adversely affect the business in which BCSB Bancorp and Baltimore County Savings Bank are engaged, actual deposit levels at the time future FDIC assessments are calculated, the FDIC's future assessment rates and the FDIC's future assessments of the Bank's risk profile.
9 percent, primarily due to strong organic growth and the benefit from a full quarter of BCSB and OBAF.
19 February 2014 - US financial services group FNB Corp (NYSE:FNB) said it has closed the acquisition of local bank holding company BCSB Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:BCSB).
BCSB Bancorp, Inc (NASDAQ: BCSB), the Baltimore-based holding company for Baltimore County Savings Bank, FSB, has said that it has repurchased all USD10.
BCSB chief executive Seymour Fortescue said: 'This is good news for these Alliance & Leicester customers.
BCSB boss Seymour Fortescue said standards in many areas were "unacceptably low.
The BCSB has since confirmed that they had misunderstood the policy.
BCSB Bancorp, the proposed new holding company for the Bank, is in the process of raising additional capital through a second step conversion of the Company from its current mutual holding company structure to a 100% publicly owned company.