BCSFABritish Columbia Salmon Farmers Association (Canada)
BCSFABritish Columbia Science Fiction Association (est. 1970; British Columbia, Canada)
BCSFABritish Columbia Saw Filers Association
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A BCSFA advertisement that features a photograph of the salmon farmer scooping fish out of a net ( Vancouver Sun, July 18, 1996, A12) is a hyper-real simulation of efficiency.
A similar image reappears in the BCSFA "Question and Answer" brochure, and in both cases seems to evoke nostalgia for simple harvesting (scoop nets) and living off of the sea as a lifestyle.
The BCSFA has tended to symbolically create a version of community, and by doing so, it has shifted the target of concern about the social implications of salmon farming not towards real communities, but instead towards mythified, simulated, and nostalgic communities and lifestyles.