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BCSNBureau Commun du Service National
BCSNBlack College Satellite Network
BCSNBlock-Completed Sequence Number (ITU-T)
BCSNBroadband Central Switching Network
BCSNBandwidth-Constrained Sensor Network
BCSNBlack College Student Network
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Diagram 6 shows that Group IV conditionals are more subjective, given that the protasis and the apodosis are related to more implicit spaces in the BCSN respectively, the Metatextual and the Epistemic Spaces.
The second attempt was successful and Grambling and BCSN delivered six pilot teleworkshops.
Os autores argumentam que essa Base estendida, o complexo BCSN ou Ground, e, em ultima analise, o ponto de referencia para a interpretacao do espaco Foco (ou de Conteudo); ou seja, embora os participantes da conversa possam nao estar falando do Ground, eles precisam do Ground para ancorar referencialmente suas falas sobre outras coisas.