BCSOBexar County Sheriff's Office (San Antonio, TX)
BCSOBristol County Sheriff's Office (North Dartmouth, MA)
BCSOBonner County Sheriffs Office (Idaho)
BCSOBlount County Sheriff's Office (Maryville, TN)
BCSOBenton County Sheriff's Office (Arkansas)
BCSOBoulder County Sheriff's Office (Colorado, USA)
BCSOBlack Currant Seed Oil
BCSOBreast Conserving Surgery Only
BCSOBase Communications-Computer Systems Officer
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According to the present study, BCSO (which contain all 3 of these fatty acids) can help prevent AD in infants who are at increased risk of developing the condition.
The BCSO range features molded-to-size stators, so neither gaskets nor "O" rings are needed, and the mechanical seal is directly in the suction line fluid flow to ensure full clean-in-place.
In addition, we treat BCSO and BCSRT as distinct surgical outcomes relative to MST, which allows fee effects to differ among the three possible treatment choices.
These cases were designated as BCSRT, and those with fewer than two RT claims as BCSO (breast conserving surgery only).
We used multinomial logistic regression analysis to estimate the relationships between the independent variables and the receipt of BCSO, BCSRT, or MST.
The BCS procedure mix has no impact on the relative odds of BOSO, but the MST procedure mix has a highly significant and positive effect on the odds of BCSO relative to MST.
Leaving out the procedure mix variables has virtually no effect on the BCSRT estimates, but reduces the BCSO fee coefficients by about one-third.
Women who are 80 or older, or who had very high Medicare payments in the prior year, are much more likely to receive BCSO and much less likely to receive BCSRT relative to MST.
Jonathan Harvey's Tranquil Abiding, a Buddhist-inspired rumination over a recurring two-note pattern (not unlike Holst's Saturn), revealed some virtuosocontrol from the BCSO solo percussionist, while the dual nature (seductive/ baleful) of the same composer's Soleil Noir/Chitra drew an equally virtuosic performance from the Thallein Ensemble, currently reminding us of the glories of this contemporary group's early days.
Always efficient previously, here they played with the confidence, depth and bloom which characterises the strings of a permanently-established, fine professional orchestra - and how good to hear them underpinned by a sturdy section of six double-basses, more than the BCSO has been able to muster for years!
The ovation the BCSO gave Barry Wordsworth was mirrored by the CBSO on Saturday at Symphony Hall, with music director Sakari Oramo the recipient.
BCSO can be heard and seen in Dalziel and Pascoe (BBC1 Monday 8.30pm).