BCSSEBehavioral Cognitive and Sensory Sciences and Education
BCSSEBeginning College Survey of Student Engagement (Bloomington, IN)
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The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) provides information on certain aspects of student self-efficacy by asking new freshmen to estimate their sense of their own academic perseverance, academic preparation, and academic engagement.
The perceived efficacy for academic achievement is based on BCSSE indicators of students' self-evaluation of their abilities to learn course material, to work effectively with others and independently, and to perform in different areas of academic work--writing, speaking, critical and analytical thinking, mathematics, and computing and information technology:
BCSSE items that gather students' judgment of difficulty in getting help with school work, interacting with faculty, or making new friends, are used to measure this construct:
Perceived efficacy for self-regulated learning is based on the BCSSE items that measure students' confidence in their ability to study when there are other interesting things to do, find additional information for course assignments, participate regularly in course discussions, ask instructors for help, finish something they started, and manage their time.
One item from BCSSE survey is used to measure self-efficacy to control distressing rumination.
Financial stress is measured using BCSSE indicators of student perception of difficulty of paying college expenses, expectation to work on- or off-campus, and the need for student loans and work to pay for college expenses.
Students included in the analysis are first-time freshmen who completed BCSSE during a summer orientation session.
To the best of our knowledge, with the exception of the UWES-SS developed in Europe, the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) (BCSSE 2013) in the USA and seven 'calibrated' scales of first year undergraduate students in Australian Universities (Krause & Coates 2008) both of which have suffered from several criticisms, there are no psychometrically valid and publically available measures of student engagement in university settings.
In studies with University students, engagement has been measured primarily with the UWES-SS in Europe and the BCSSE in the USA.