BCSVBadischen Christlich Sozialen Volkspartei (German: Baden Christian Social People's Party)
BCSVBuoy Camera System Variant
BCSVBelgische Cranio Sacraal Vereniging (Dutch: Belgian Craniosacral Association)
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At last, after several hours, when sundry summer-houses had been pulled down, and some area-railings had been torn up, to arm the more belligerent spirits, a rumour got about that the Guards were coming.
They were at a loss to know whether he had been scalped in battle, or enjoyed a natural immunity from that belligerent infliction.
The business of eating interposed a brief truce between the belligerents, but no sooner was supper disposed of than they were at it again.
She maintained this belligerent attitude for several days, during which time a series of informal negotiations were pending, and wide alarm spread over the island.
So far, not a word had been exchanged between the belligerents.
This they announced as the chief of the belligerent village, but as a great pacificator.
Look here, Skinny Philander," he said, in belligerent tones, "if you are lookin' for a scrap, peel off your coat and come on down on the ground, and I'll punch your head just as I did sixty years ago in the alley back of Porky Evans' barn.
In times of war such panthans as happened to be within the domain of a belligerent nation were compelled to don the insignia of that nation and fight with her warriors.
When I had come nearer I saw the cause of his belligerent attitude.
Being uncomfortably full he was inclined to be sleepy and far from belligerent.
She had signaled us to stop, and our skipper had ignored the order; but now she had her gun trained on us, and the second shot grazed the cabin, warning the belligerent tug-captain that it was time to obey.
The big Tahitian smiled and nodded, his black eyes, soft and deer- like, seeming to give the lie to so belligerent a nature.