BCTBBasic Combat Training Brigade
BCTBBattle Command Training Brigade (US Army)
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When the war began, 3d BCTB taught MDMP to deploying units in a traditional classroom with 100 PowerPoint slides and a practical exercise based on a National Training Center scenario.
As the DEF unit transitions through the seven steps of MDMP, either the 3d BCTB MDMP facilitator or the DEF unit's chief of staff will give a short PowerPoint-based instruction for that step as a refresher.
The chief of staff for the 16th Engineer Brigade was pleased with this method of MDMP training, the success of which he attributed to having the 3d BCTB MDMP team and the senior mentor with them every step of the way.
From the MDMP through the end of the MRX, 3d BCTB and First Army TSBs position observercontroller/trainers (OC/Ts) with each staff section.
In addition, 3d BCTB also uses a tool developed by the former commander of the 4th Cavalry TSB, when he worked on training engineers along with the 3d BCTB early in this present conflict.
The CPX ends with AARs conducted by the 3d BCTB mobile training team chief, and the MRX concludes with an AAR conducted by the TSB commander.
Battle command tasks are common to any field unit, and 3d BCTB can provide BCST under any circumstances.
Having a 3d BCTB Soldier on the leader's recon is essential in developing a realistic exercise baseline for the role players.
The 3d BCTB project officer started contacting units (scheduled or expecting to be scheduled for the next rotation) and requested that they send Soldiers forward to observe their predecessors' BCST events.
The 3d BCTB, along with two TSBs, has trained nine engineer brigades and most of their subordinate battalions in the past five years.
Lieutenant Colonel Weaver is a field artillery officer who is currently mobilized and serving in the 3d BCTB, 75th BCTD, Fort Sheridan, Illinois.