BCTFBushmeat Crisis Task Force
BCTFBritish Columbia Teachers' Federation
BCTFBritish Craft Trade Fair (UK)
BCTFBit Combination Transformation Format
BCTFBeaver Creek Task Force (Tennessee)
BCTFBase Central Test Facility (US Air Force)
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In the study, using the cells from individuals with Down syndrome that are genetically predisposed to developing Alzheimer's disease, we showed that elevated levels of BCTF, independent of AB, cause a specific pattern of endosome defects with similar pathology of brain cells in Alzheimer's disease," said Ying Jiang, lead author and clinical instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center.
Last year in Ghana, Conservation International undertook a national bushmeat education campaign that BCTF says has been very effective in changing behaviors.
The last few decades have seen the rapid decline of great ape populations (Bailey and BCTF 2001).
What has given the BCTF this extraordinary power to manipulate the attitudes of BC's children?
Over the weekend, BCTF brought forward a new proposal, slashing salary demands to eight per cent over five years, but with a $5,000 signing bonus.
If the BCTF was prepped to end the strike, we are committed and we will still be at the table 24/7 to get a negotiated settlement," he added.
160) See BCTF, supra note 14 (plaintiffs included the British Columbia Teachers' Federation, the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia, the British Columbia Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the British Columbia Nurses' Union).
Jim Iker, BCTF president, urged members to accept the deal since "there are meaningful achievements in this deal for teachers and students.
The BCTF had feared for the autonomy of school boards in hiring teachers, the selection of textbooks, and further financial demands from Catholics.
The BCTF says it s not clear what is impeding that plan from going forward.
The very least that we must demand of our federal government is a rigorous, open and transparent debate on the issue of the free trade pact with China, and on any free trade pact," said BCTF President Susan Lambert at a Feb.