BCTMPBleached Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp
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Dried samples of extractive-free aspen wood and grinded and oven-dried BCTMP pulp of aspen were used in experiments.
The company said that it has been decided that both the BCTMP mill in Lielahti and PM2 at the Kangas mill, producing magazine paper, will be shut down.
Although some of the BCTMP and 1 mm Rayon fibre data points deviate slightly from the curve, the new parameter
A BCTMP mill is substantially less demanding on the environment than a traditional kraft mill as BCTMP technology relies more on mechanical means to convert wood into pulp rather than on chemical means.
Production costs from this zero-liquid-effluent-discharge pulp mill are comparable with those of conventional BCTMP mills.
It is made of a blend of two kinds of wood pulps--a combination of oxygen cleansed and chlorine dioxide processed and BCTMP whitened with hydrogen peroxide.
Estonian Pulp (a Norwegian/Estonian joint venture) and the regional government have plans to build a greenfield BCTMP in Northwestern Russia.
Table 30: Leading Players in North American Hydrogen Peroxide Market (2005): Percentage Breakdown of Global Capacity for Solvay, Degussa, FMC, Arkema, Eka Chemicals, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-1 Historical Trends in the Industry III-1 Chlorine Purge Enhances Chlorate and Peroxide Demand III-1 Reduction of BCTMP Pulp Production Slows H2O2 Demand III-2 Impact of EPA's Regulations III-2 2001: The Industry Treks Growth Path III-2 2002 & 2003: Recovery in Pulp and Paper Spurts H2O2 Market III-3 Outlook.
Tenders are invited for Bleached Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp BCTMP HARD WOOD 80 Non FSC Hiigh Yield Pulp for Board Plant at Unit II
Elsewhere, the group also made headlines recently with an announcement that it was pulling out of a proposed BCTMP pulp mill project in South Africa.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 June 2004-Metso Paper delivers BCTMP line in China(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.