BCTPBattle Command Training Program
BCTPBrodos Crypto Trade Protocol (computing)
BCTPBethe Center for Theoretical Physics (Germany)
BCTPBagnolaise de Constructions et Travaux Publics (French construction company)
BCTPBreast Cancer Training Program (various locations)
BCTPBritish Columbia Treaty Process (First Nations; Canada)
BCTPBarcode Trading Post (Plano, TX)
BCTPBalkan Regional Center for Trade Promotion ( est. 1998)
BCTPPhotography Concentration (various schools)
BCTPBlair County Tea Party (Hollidaysburg, PA)
BCTPBali Cantik Tanpa Plastik (Indonesian: Bali Beautifull without Plastic)
BCTPBird Conservation Targeting Project (UK)
BCTPBergen Conference on the Treatment of Psychopathy
BCTPBicomponent Triton Tri-N-Butyl Phosphaten (chemical compound)
BCTPBerkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (Berkeley, CA)
BCTPBalloon Carpal Tunnelplasty (surgical procedure)
BCTPBerkshire County Trading Post (online advertising resource; Massachusetts)
BCTPBoone County Tea Party (Harrison, AR)
BCTPBearer Control Tunnelling Protocol (Bearer Independent Call Control)
BCTPBar Coding Tubular Products (production process)
BCTPBridal Castle Tuxedo Place (Texarkana, TX)
BCTPBuilding Code Training Program (Florida Building Commission)
BCTPBaker County Tea Party (Florida)
BCTPBucks County Technology Partners
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By implementing the BCTP approach, the MBCO will be formulated by accurately defined business functions.
Discussion topics led by BCTP included the operational environment and battle command from Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations; knowledge management from FM 6-0, Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces; battle staff synchronization, the military decisionmaking process, rapid decisionmaking, and the synchronization process from FM 5-0, The Operations Process; and targeting from FM 3-60, The Targeting Process.
It is important to understand that the BCTP typically conducts FSXs for brigade combat teams early in the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle and prior to deployment to any other combat training center (CTC).
BG stated that a new Combined Arms Center for Training white paper on training in a joint context recognizes that other services need to be involved in both maneuver CTC and BCTP rotations, along with interagency and multinational participation.
This fiscal defense of the non-Aboriginal citizen is a comon theme of the right-wing opposition to the BCTP.
This new contract ensures that the Cubic/NGIT team can continue to help improve the BCTP, and also help address the urgent national requirement for more rigorous and realistic training for National Guard commanders and staffs," Cherrie said.
By creating a secure authentication between the mGen system, BCTP users and AKO, we are creating one less obstacle for users and IT administrators to jump over.
The TGDS produced by the Corps and divisional terrain teams contributed decisively to the decision-making process during every phase of the operation--from the BCTP seminar through the exercise.
18, 2001) [hereinafter BCTP E-mail] (on file with author).
Prior to implementing mGen Enterprise, the BCTP attempted to provide additional basic staff training to its soldiers via CD-ROM.
The BCTP AT/FP Team found that fusion cells limited to these members seemed to fare better because the senior intelligence officer (G2) can focus their collection efforts and analysis.
Reprinted in significant part as an appendix to this note is the BCTP Study Guide that the Corps' Chief of International and Operational Law created, in accordance with the Corps SJA's guidance, to support the Corps OSJA BCTP preparations.