BCTRBronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
BCTRBusiness Coalition for Tax Reform (Melbourne, Australia)
BCTRBaltimore City Teaching Residency (Baltimore, MD)
BCTRBangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies)
BCTRBranch on Count Register (computing)
BCTRBerlin Cape Town Records (Germany)
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The Milman Fellowship program helps fulfill the BCTR mission to expand, strengthen and speed the connections between cutting-edge research and efforts to enhance human development, health and well-being by bringing a faculty member in the College of Human Ecology into the orbit of the BCTR, actively encouraging their engagement with the center and their commitment to its mission and success.
The new BCTR offering in London expands upon currently available BCTR offerings in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Milan, New York and Sao Paulo.
According to Jennifer Tiffany, CUCE-NYC executive director and BCTR director of outreach and community engagement, Davis-Manigaulte's "work promoting family and youth development, high-quality extension programming that is responsive to community needs and astute network development among agencies and community-based organizations is a model for urban extension."
"4-H is a powerful vehicle for STEM education because it is based on what young people are interested in, allowing them to take an active role in learning," says project leader Alexa Maille, state 4-H STEM program specialist in the BCTR. "Drone Discovery provides youth an outlet to practice thinking like scientists and engineers, as well as engaged citizens, as they explore cutting-edge technology."
The BCTR, the hub of the college's translational research efforts, received another boost during the campaign thanks to a $1.6 million gift from Evalyn Edwards Milman '60 and Stephen Milman '58, MBA '59.
Casasola holds the Evalyn Edwards Milman '60 BCTR Faculty Fellowship, which the couple endowed with a $1.6 million gift.
Together, BCTR faculty and 4-H leaders are studying the best ways to recruit and retain youth and offering professional development opportunities to 4-H educators, including conferences where faculty share the latest youth development research to educators and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county leaders.
This year, the BCTR team launched a benchmark study to assist the Department of Defense's (DoD) Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs in its efforts to aid military families with spouses, children, or other dependents who require special medical or educational services.
The internships build and strengthen connections between community-based CCE associations and campus based faculty, further supporting the translational research mission of the college's Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR).
Cornell presenters included Jennifer Tiffany, director of outreach and community engagement for the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR); Janis Whitlock, BCTR (pictured, above); and Maria Fitzpatrick, assistant professor of policy analysis and management.
With oversight of 4-H transferred to the College of Human Ecology's Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR) last fall, 4-H is being intensively studied by BCTR researchers to uncover evidence on the most effective youth development strategies.