BCUCBritish Columbia Utilities Commission (Canada)
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passing its Clean Energy Act four years ago--legislation which encourages BC Hydro to pursue hydroelectric projects over fossil fuel ventures--the provincial mines and energy ministry granted the proposed dam an exemption from going to the BCUC for a green-light.
Though that is not what the BCUC concluded, many see the BCUC report as a vindication of their arguments that termination is the better option.
Also, in this announcement the BCUC has set FortisBC s delivery and midstream rates, which are generally set once a year.
In June 2005, a British Columbia utility applied to the BCUC for a review of the current ROE adjustment mechanism that also applies to FortisBC.
On April 15, 2005, both PLP and Fortis filed applications with the BCUC seeking approval for the acquisition.
In February 2014, the BCUC approved the amalgamation of FEI, FEVI, FEW and Terasen Gas Holdings Inc, which is subject to the consent of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and is expected to be effective on or about January 1, 2015.
FortisBC has committed to the BCUC that the Company will establish itself as a stand-alone business by June 2006.
As part of government s direction, the BCUC will set the LNG dispensing rate at $4.
Duke Energy received approval in November from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) to acquire indirect control of the public utilities owned wholly or in part by the Company and regulated by the BCUC.
The basic insurance rate application will ask BCUC to approve a 4.
As part of the BCUC decision approving the AMI project, the commission directed FortisBC to submit an application providing an option for customers to receive an advanced meter with the wireless radio transmissions turned off if they pay the incremental cost of opting-out.
The BCUC approved rate increases to recover a projected revenue shortfall of $3.