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BCVBanco Central de Venezuela
BCVBanque Cantonale Vaudoise
BCVBeach Club Villas (Disney resort)
BCVBanco de Cabo Verde (Portuguese: Bank of Cape Verde)
BCVBattle Command Vehicle
BCVBook Chapter Verse (biblical)
BCVBird Clubs of Virginia
BCVBadminton Club Vannetais (French badminton club)
BCVBadminton Club Voreppe (French badminton club)
BCVBall Carrier Vision (football)
BCVBasket Club Vauréen (French basketball club)
BCVBasket Club Vendenheim (French basketball club)
BCVBurgundy Crescent Volunteers, Inc.
BCVBasket Club Verdunois (French basketball club)
BCVBowling Club Vincennois (French bowling club)
BCVBillard Club Vicinois (French billiard club)
BCVBristol Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (UK)
BCVBéton Conventionnel Vibré (French; type of concrete0
BCVBadminton Club Verquin (Verquin, France)
BCVBuilding Commission Victoria (Australia)
BCVB-Complex Vitamin (health product)
BCVBovine Coronavirus
BCVBest Case Value
BCVBusiness Continuous Volume (EMC frame storage)
BCVBusiness Continuance Volumes (EMC Technology)
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BCV (1986) Encuesta sobre Presupuestos Familiares del Atea Metropolitana de Caracas.
Afortunadamente, la publicacion trimestral del IRE por parte del BCV seguramente contribuira a superar algunas de las dificultades previamente comentadas.
18 August 2011 - Switzerland's Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (SWF:BCVN), or BCV, closed the first half of 2011 with a net profit of CHF154m (USD194m/EUR134.
As previously announced on February 13, 2008, funds paid by London Underground Ltd ("LUL") in respect of the put option price on bonds issued by BCV and SSL are being held in escrow and are available to meet debt service and other amounts due in accordance with the Bond Trust Deed, escrow agreements and other relevant documentation.
5 May 2011 - Switzerland's Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (SWF:BCVN), or BCV, recorded a 4% annual increase in gross profit to CHF118.
With respect to the AUK-insured BCV and SSL bonds, the sum of PS617 million has been received from LUL under this credit support and has been segregated through deposit into two separate escrow accounts opened in the joint names of AUK and Deutsche Trustee Company Limited ("Deutsche") at Citibank, N.
Nominales Promedio * (%) 16,4 11,5 12,0 Tasa de Interes Depositos a 90 dias (Dic c/ano) (%) 13,4 13,5 19,5 Tipo de Cambio Final Periodo (Bs/US$) 649 700 753 Sector Externo Exportaciones Fob (MMM US$) 20,8 33,0 27,1 Importaciones Fob (MMM US$) 13,2 15,5 17,3 Balanza Cuenta Corriente (MMM US$) 3,7 13,1 4,4 Reserves Internacionales BCV (MMM US$) 15,2 15,9 11,9 Meses de Importaciones (fin de ano) * 13,8 12,3 8,3 Gobierno Central Deficit Fiscal Global (% del PIB) -2,6 -1,8 -4,0 Remuneraciones (% de Ingresos Fiscales) 16,0 18,2 23,5 Intereses Deuda Interna (% de Ingresos Fiscales) 4,8 5,6 7,0 Intereses Deuda Total (% de Ingresos Fiscales) 15,5 12,6 14,1 Bienestar Economico PIB per Capita Real (Bs de 1984) * 23.
NEW YORK -- Ambac Assurance UK Limited (AUK) met today with holders of bonds issued by Metronet Rail BCV (BCV) and Metronet Rail SSL (SSL) to provide further information on the escrow arrangements for funds recently received in respect of those bonds and the application of those funds.
NEW YORK -- AUK has instructed the Association of British Insurers (the "ABI") to undertake an initial holdings enquiry of the AUK guaranteed Metronet SSL and BCV bonds.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of TAPS - 1 Turbine Generator Associated Systems Like Stop Valve Overhauling, PCV, BCV And Auxiliary Oil Pump Overhauling, Seal Oil System, Lube Oil System, Gland Seal System And Turbine Front Standard System Maintenance Works.
There, they can localize within a bacterial containing vacuole (BCV) or access the host cytoplasm through BCV rupture.
Turin-based Avio is controlled by Cinven's majority-owned BCV Investments, while Finmeccanica SpA (BIT:FNC) holds a stake of about 14% in it.