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BCxBlood Culture
BCxBeloreck (Russia)
BCxBacillus Circulans Xylanase (protein)
BCxBusiness Card Exchange (business networking)
BCxBusiness Currency Exchange (Extranet subscription service)
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BioComplex has now been adopted by 20 UK farms and it's estimated that to date around two million broilers have benefitted from BCX.
We believe the BCX service will strongly enhance connectivity to one of the fastest-growing markets in South Asia," Milaha president and chief executive Abdulrahman Essa al-Mannai said.
Business Connextions (BCX), the largest enterprise cloud service provider in Africa, is developing an innovative "cloud-in-a-box" solution to help telcos provide Internet services to previously unreached areas.
PED (n = 224) GED (n = 237) P value Diagnostic studies CBC (%) 8 (4) 9 (4) NS BCX (%) 8 (4) 7 (3) NS UCX (%) 20 (9) 11 (5) 0.09 CXR (%) 23 (10) 51 (22) 0.001 VIRAL testing (%) 102 (46) 40 (17) <0.001 TABLE 3: Discharge diagnoses and prescription patterns.
All grade-stamped AraucoPly Sanded panels are manufactured in accordance with the US PS 1-09 product standard, and all ACX and BCX products are PS 1-09 underlayment compliant and are edge stamped as such by TECO and Pittsburgh Testing.
The code was compiled and executed on three types of systems, here conventionally referred to as WS, SP5 and BCX.
Once similar triangles have been established, to measure the height of the tree above the eye height of the person holding the ruler, compare the large triangle ABC with the large triangle formed when Student a turns the ruler at right angles and Student [ walks away from the base of the tree (as shown in Figure 1, Position 2, and simplified as triangle BCX in Figure 3); again the triangles are similar.
ND SatCom, a supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast and defence communication network and ground station solutions, said yesterday that it has received an order from South African data centre operator Business Connexion (BCX).
The Fund looks forward to additional growth in cash flows from the new NRGreen facilities and Alliance Canada's BCX expansion which is expected to be in service at the end of 2008.'
The registration of the vehicle is thought to end in either BCX or BGX.
By some strange quirk of concentration, fate, keyboard error or transubstantiation, the number published was BCX 400-490.