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BCXBeloreck (Russia)
BCXBacillus Circulans Xylanase (protein)
BCXBusiness Card Exchange (business networking)
BCXBusiness Currency Exchange (Extranet subscription service)
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BCX is an IBM BCX Cluster, made of 1280 SMP nodes, each containing 2 AMD Opteron[TM] 2.
The BCX project is being jointly implemented with Q-KON, a South African provider of satellite services which has worked with ND SatCom for ten years.
The Fund looks forward to additional growth in cash flows from the new NRGreen facilities and Alliance Canada's BCX expansion which is expected to be in service at the end of 2008.
The registration of the vehicle is thought to end in either BCX or BGX.
By some strange quirk of concentration, fate, keyboard error or transubstantiation, the number published was BCX 400-490.
Instructions: 1) Cut out the pieces from the plywood (use ACX, BCX or T1-11 for better longevity then CDX).
After discussion with personnel at their corporate offices, we chose an FSC-certified product that was already in their stores: 3/4-inch by 4-foot by 8-foot BCX grade, sanded plywood.
Typical examples are Vodacoms procurement of XLink to expand and strengthen its Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, and Telkoms acquisition of BCX to bolster its enterprise ICT services portfolio.
There is certainly activity - MTN acquiring ISPs, Vodacom buying Neotel, Telkom acquiring BCX, and Vox Telecom on the block - but it is mostly about consolidation and filling in service gaps," she continued on the mergers.
In connection with these changes, BlackRock Advisors, LLC also announced the appointment of BlackRock International Limited as an investment sub-advisor for BCX, BGR and BUI.
It ended with bets wagered on Huddersfield numbers BCX 400 to 490, on the year they were first used: 1956, 1957 or 1958.
The positive contribution by the mobile and BCX divisions was partly offset by the decline in fixed-line voice revenue.