BCYEBuffered Charcoal Yeast Extract
BCYEBlood Charcoal Yeast Extract
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pneumophila isolates were cultured on BCYE agar, and their growth was confirmed using a serotyping kit.
45 [micro]m membrane filters, the filter was placed on BCYE agar, and incubated in a candle jar at 37 [degrees]C for 72 h.
DNA was extracted from samples, following 72 h incubation on BCYE plates, using InstaGene Matrix (BioRad; Hercules, California USA).
bethesdensis after 7 days of incubation on BCYE and mycobacterial media.
bethesdensis within 3 weeks on a variety of media (Middlebrook 7H11, BCYE, and fungal media), but growth was sparse.
The swab was then lightly streaked directly onto BCYE and then immersed in 2.
Catalase positive and oxidase negative colonies showing the typical morphology were subcultured on plain BCYE and on blood agar (BA) to determine if L-cysteine is essential for growth (13).
pneumophila (ATCC 331522) is maintained on BCYE agar and used as a control for culture of clinical specimens.
This organism will not grow on Gram-negative media but will grow on BCYE agar.
The procedure for isolating bacteria from water and lung secretions by using cocultivation with Acanthamoeba polyphaga followed by subculture onto BCYE agar plates has been detailed elsewhere (11,26).
They grow well on BCYE agar from 25[degrees]C to 37[degrees]C but do not grow or grow weakly on Columbia agar with 5% sheep blood.
pneumophila has been isolated by using HEL cells while inoculated BCYE and agar plates remained sterile (47).