BCZBelgische Confederatie van de Zuivelindustrie (Dutch: Belgian Dairy Industry Confederation)
BCZBanque Cantonale de Zurich (French: Zurich Cantonal Bank; Zurich, Switzerland)
BCZBig Crasher's Zone (gaming community)
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Health monitors and BCZ staff generally examine the orders for medicine together to ensure accuracy All organizations have conditions that HCs need to fulfill before delivery of supplies.
16) IRC medical personnel worked with the COSA and BCZ of each HC to determine standard criteria by which an individual or a family can by classified as indigent.
Ultimately, this balance depends on the managerial and professional skills of the BCZ and other health service staff.
Despite years of neglect, the decentralized structure of health zones with their BCZs has been preserved to a large extent.
Throughout 2002, MERLIN established an innovative revocable contract approach with the BCZs as well as with the different health facilities in its zones.