BCurBaccalaureus Curationis (nursing)
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On December 31st 1989 the decree dissolving the BCUR was abolished, and the Church became legal again.
M Muzigaba, (1,2) PhD, MPH, MPhil, BSc; T Puoane, (2) Dr PH, MPH, BCur, BSocSci; B Sartorius, (3) PhD, EPIET, MSc, BSc Hons, BSc; D Sanders, (2) MB ChB, DCH, MRCP, DTPH, DSc
N Schellack, (1) BCur, BPharm, PhD; R Pretorius, (2) BCur, MCur, PhD; A P Messina, (3) BPharm
In addition, CUR has served as an organizational model globally, launched numerous international partnerships, and encouraged other groups of institutions to take up the cause worldwide, including BCUR in Britain and ACUR in Australia.
C A Carter, BCur (Ed + Admin), RCCN, RM, RN, Critical Care Outreach Nurse University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
F H J Venter, MCom (Economics), DPH; J E Wolvaardt, BCur, MPH, PGCHE, PhD
I think we are still at the stage of connecting experiences and convening discussions, using partnerships among entities such as CUR, BCUR, ACUR, and other emerging international leadership groups to explore potential solutions.
This paper reports on a study that formed part of the requirements for the BCur Honours (Critical Care Nursing) programme.
Judy Caldwell, a registered nurse with a BCur degree, is TB project manager at the Department of Health for the City of Cape Town.
J A Frohlich, (1) DCur; N Mkhize, (1) RN; R C Dellar, (1) MBiochem; G Mahlase, (2) BCur, BSocSc Hons; C T Montague, (1) MBA, PhD; Q Abdool Karim, (3) PhD
BCUR is modeled after NCUR, which Hampton-Reeves attended in 2010 along with 10 of his students.
T A Tafuma, MB ChB, MPH; B C Ntwayagae, RN, RM, BSc; C K Moalafhi, RN, RM, BCur Ed et Adm; J M Bolebantswe, RN, FNP