BDACBountiful/Davis Art Center (est. 1974; Bountiful, UT)
BDACBristol Debt Advice Centre (Bristol, England, UK)
BDACBay-Delta Advisory Council
BDACBoulder Dam Area Council (Boy Scouts of America)
BDACBiographical Directory of the American Congress (publication)
BDACBetween Desk and Chair (technical support slang)
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Clive Birch, chairman, BDAC Cops not up to job THE recent report stating that too many police officers are overweight and not suitably physically fit details but half of the problem.
The BDAC is having to find money from as many places as possible as the council is unable to meet costs which it previously met.
General zone, Road zone & Bridge zone From Km 98/0 to Km 172/12 including all stations, colony, and all service building, various structures from Rampurhat to Gumani (excluding BDAC link cabin) including Rajgram and Pakur Quarry.
Mr Birch said the BDAC would be able to fund the fruit and veg show itself this year, but the budget cut meant that its future was unclear.
The council said the current levels of subsidy were unsustainable but the BDAC said increases could put off elderly gardeners.
At the BDAC we don't understand why the city would jeopardise one of the most positive assets for pounds 3,800.
The BDAC has undertaken to ensure the competitions go ahead.
Clive Birch, chairman of the BDAC, said: "It's certainly true that it quite a few places in Birmingham you can't get an allotment for love nor money.