BDAMBasic Direct Access Method
BDAMBlocked Direct Access Method
BDAMBasic Data Access Method
BDAMBatched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes
BDAMBasic Direct Access Method (IBM)
BDAMBunkar Dastkar Adhikar Manch (Indian forum)
BDAMBourse Direct Asset Management (France)
BDAMBasic Disk Access Method
BDAMBusiness Development Assistant Manager (various locations)
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Indeed, in order to increase blood donations, the NBTS collects blood at fixed points and through a mobile blood collection system throughout the island with the assistance of civil society, the Blood Donors Association of Mauritius (BDAM) registered in 1999, the association of blood donation organizers, and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
In this scheme, BDAM is enhanced by adapting the real city map that contains streets and intersections.
First in static obstacle, the proposed realistic RPM is compared with the RPMO [23], BDAM [29], and No obstacles scenario.
However, RPMO and BDAM is about 25%, and No obstacles is about 50% more vehicles received the messages within same time period as compared to the proposed RPM.
8(a), the proposed model receives about 40% less packets as compared to No obstacles scenario, and compared to RPMO and BDAM models, the difference is about 15% and 20% respectively.
A distorted and corrupted account of the Conference, written in the names of Tenzin Dhondup Sampho and Kunga Gyaltsen, the two Tibetan participants, appeared entitled "Bod sa gnas srid gzhung nas 'thus mi btang ste rgya gar ldi ti Eshaya ma rigs gser (sic) po'i tshogs 'dur zhugs pa'i gnas tshul," in Bod kyi rig gnas lo rgyus rgyu cha bdams bsgrigs, Bod rang skong ljongs chab srid gros tshogs rig gnas lo rgyus rgyu cha u yon lhan khang, Lhasa, 1983, Vol.
(18.) Bod kyi rig gnas lo rgyus dpyad gzhi'i rgyu cha bdams bsgrigs, Issue 1,Bod zhi bas bcings 'grol skor gyi nyin tho gnad bshus" Lu'o Yushung (aka Alo Buzhang), Tibet Xinhua, Press, October 1981, pp.117-118
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When Gyer spungs chen po sNang bzher lod po receives his ZZNG transmissions--here consciously rendered in the Present Tense--from the last lineage holder(s) of each of the three interrupted lineages and the uninterrupted one: to wit, from sTag wer Shing slag can, Zhang zhung bKra shis rgyal mtshan, and Ma hor sTag gzig (rgyud pa 'khrug can), and from Tshe spungs Zla ba rgyal mtshan (rgyudpa 'khrug med), YST.5.63f--that is, the sNyan rgyud rgyas bshad chen mo--usually phrases that as follows: [some previous Master] gyis bdams pa mn[a]ng.
The use of bdams pa for gdams pa is of course well within the range of the orthographical variance that one would expect for these texts and does not worry me too much.