BDAPBureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs
BDAPBureau des Arts Plastiques (French: Bureau of Visual Arts; various locations)
BDAPBurden of Disease Application Project (software; World Health Organization)
BDAPBusiness Development Asia Pacific (Asquith, New South Wales, Australia)
BDAPBellary District Archaeological Project (est. 2002; India)
BDAPBurngreave Domestic Abuse Project (est. 2003; UK)
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Karina Bolasco of Anvil, an officer of BDAP, worked with Lirio for 17 years and admires him as a visionary.
BDAP auger feeders are designed for materials that are cakey or flow too freely to meter in gravity flow systems.
Sandoval announced welcome news: A roadmap of the Philippine publishing industry has been spearheaded by the BDAP, for completion in November.