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BDATBest Demonstrated Available Technology
BDATBinary Data
BDATBest Demonstrated Achievable Technology
BDATBattle Damage Assessment Team
BDATBedfordshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (UK)
BDATBusiness Data Application Technology
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The soil treatment standards developed by EPA can be achieved using a variety of treatment technologies rather than the "best" technology required by the BDAT.
The EP-Toxicity and TCLP leaching results for lead and cadmium are significantly below the hazardous waste and BDAT limits.
Horsehead Resource Development Company (HRD), Palmerton, PA, is the world leader in recycling zinc-bearing hazardous electric arc furnace (EAF) dust, derived from the steel industry, through use of its proprietary technology designated BDAT by EPA.
The proposal included provisions that would have required the treatment of foundry wastes such that the BDAT levels for lead would have been one-tenth, and for cadmium one-fifth, that which would render the waste hazardous by the characteristic standard.