BDCPBay Delta Conservation Plan (California)
BDCPBaccalaureate Degree Completion Program
BDCPBioresources Development and Conservation Programme (Nigeria)
BDCPBaltimore Dance Crews Project (Baltimore, MD)
BDCPBarry Drinkwater Consulting Partners (UK)
BDCPBase de Données sur les Congés des Patients (French: Discharged Patient Database; healthcare; Canada)
BDCPBarnsley Dearne Community Partnership (UK)
BDCPBonny Doon Community Preschool (Santa Cruz, CA)
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Members of the Clarksburg Wine Growers and Vintners Association have been closely following the BDCP, and feel threatened by that plan's proposals for water conveyance projects to move water south for Central Valley farms and Southern California residents.
The objective was to assess student perceptions of the quality of learning and effectiveness of the online BDCP to meet the teaching/learning and course structure benchmarks.
The BDCP is within reach of identifying measures that will regain water supply reliability for more than 25 million Californians and dramatically improve ecosystem restoration efforts.
We share in the frustration that BDCP agencies have yet to embrace such a solution, but remain confident that additional technical work will help to identify a historic package of actions that the Delta desperately needs.
Peterson said ACWA members view the BDCP process as a critical step toward fixing the troubled Delta and the larger goal of securing a more sustainable water system for California.
The BDCP is intended to identify actions to improve water supply reliability and ensure the long term sustainability of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
The BDCP is a collaborative effort by state and federal agencies and stakeholder groups to develop a conservation plan for the Delta aimed at addressing the current conflict between the protection of at-risk fish species and water supply.
While the BDCP will focus on the fish/water supply issues in the context of broad ecosystem protection principles, it will also address habitat restoration and management, other ecological problems including invasive species and toxic pollutants, and improve the way state and federal water systems operate.
The BDCP is collaborative planning effort by state and federal agencies and stakeholder groups aimed at developing a long-term protection plan for key Delta species.