BDCSBroadband Digital Cross-connect System
BDCSBattle Damage Control System (ship control & maintenance system)
BDCSBazex-Dupre-Christol Syndrome
BDCSBorder District Cluster Strategy (India)
BDCSBaytek Data Collection Server
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Dyno UK confirmed it had ended its contract with BDCS.
He added: "In a letter from BDCS management dated October 2, workers were told that as the new service provider for Dyno-Rod is Irish Waste Services they should present themselves for work first thing on Monday morning to this employer where all their jobs, pay and terms and conditions would be maintained.
When Unite contacted Irish Waste Services Ltd, they denied any knowledge and told us they had not taken any Dyno-Rod contracts and certainly would not be employing any BDCS workers.
The gene for BDCS has been mapped to the distal part of the long arm of chromosome X, in the Xq24-q27.
The primary features of BDCS consist of follicular atrophoderma, hypotrichosis, milia, basal cell carcinomas, and hypohidrosis.
Rombo syndrome also resembles BDCS, such as follicular atrophy, milia-like papules, and basal cell carcinomas, but usually shows cyanotic redness of the hands and lips, redness of the face, telangiectasia, build with short trunk and is inherited as an autosomal dominant syndrome.
16 described a family with perioral pigmented follicular atrophoderma, epidermoid cysts and milia, but no patient in this family has developed basal cell carcinomas, unlike BDCS.